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We invite and encourage you to join us in our campaign to change perceptions of disability.

“Right to Risk” chronicles an exciting and grand adventure. It asserts that everyone has the right to live life to the fullest and make choices about the risks they are willing to take in pursuit of meaningful experiences.

The themes of the film transcend concepts of disability and speak to universal concepts of the desire to be self-sufficient, the need to be independent and the right for equal treatment and opportunities.

As a society we need to begin a conversation that actively challenges the misperceptions and stereotypes we have about individuals who have disabilities.

Working with a coalition of national partners we are supporting self-directed community screenings of “Right to Risk” as a catalyst for organizations and communities to discuss the issues of disability.

The broad objectives of this campaign are to:

- Stimulate dialogue on relevant local issues
- Highlight local individuals and organizations
- Share knowledge, information and resources
- Foster new collaborations with other local organizations

So take a risk – start a conversation in your home, school, work, organization and community.  It all starts with you.

We are updating this section and will have tools and links to support community engagement activities available soon. For more information contact us.

Sponsored by NordstromThanks to our contributors - Elna Iverson, Trina Smits, Ann Wilson

"Right to Risk" is available to all American Public Television stations through November 2012. Contact your local public broadcaster.

Screen the Film
One of the most effective ways to start a conversation is to watch the film with a group, then discuss their reactions. A toolkit for community screenings will be available soon.