Right to Risk
Hike in National Canyon

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“I was so interested in the film Right to Risk, that I do believe it has changed my life. I am a person with a disability. I was born with Cerebral Palsy. I used to think that living with a disability was just something you got used to doing, then I went to work for an independent living center, and I was exposed to a large group of individuals with varying types of disabilities. When I saw Right to Risk, I thought to myself “Wow I would love to do that”… I truly feel like the Right to Risk was one of the most awe inspiring films I’ve ever seen.”

“I just watched your program… I was amazed that people in wheelchairs could do such things. I have Spina Bifida, I use a wheelchair, (I have an electric and a manual) and I would never have dreamed one could attempt some of the things these amazing people did! It actually brought tears to my eyes… What a wonderful thing. I appreciate what this film shows and I thank you for bringing it to the public...disabled and able-bodied alike.”

“I just watched Right to Risk air on my local PBS station… I was transfixed by the personal stories that unfolded, watching how the outer journey served as the vehicle for inward journeys. I was born with a body I can fully control: when my eyes open, they see; when I speak, my voice is clear and controlled; when I flex my muscle, my leg obeys - but when I watched what these brave people did, my courage failed. I would be terrified to face the raw wilderness as these inspiring individuals did. I would be terrified to depend on others to such an extent. I learned a lot by watching this program... The lives and stories of everyone involved in this project are truly a testament to the complex beauty of human life.”

“We just viewed your film last night and were very impressed by all that it captured. We are parents of a young adolescent with multiple challenges and feel that this would be a great film to share with family, friends, and his caregivers.”

“I'm the father of a 10 yr.-old with cognitive (and some physical) disabilities. We watched together and he wants to "go down that river"! He was inspired and touched…”

“I teach high school Special Education and I would love a copy of your film to show my students. I want them to understand the potential they have to do ANYTHING they want, no matter their disability. I was inspired by your film and I know my students would be, too.”

“I teach a class to both undergraduate and graduate students on how to design a functional curriculum for students with moderate to severe disabilities. One of my objectives is to have my students appreciate the need to promote independent living among people with disabilities so they can lead fulfilling lives through community participation to the maximum extent possible… I believe people with severe disabilities need to experience life like anybody else without attracting negative attention from society. This is something that the video (Right to Risk) illustrates more than words could… I think this will convince them that what we are talking about is not just theory but something that’s possible as evidenced by this video.”

“I am a counselor educator at Eastern Washington University where we have nationally certified graduate programs in school counseling and mental health counseling. I teach our diversity awareness course and would very much like to use your film (Right to Risk) to help my students understand the dignity and courage of persons with disabilities, as well as the daily challenges they face that emerge from the ignorance & naivety of others… I saw it this evening on PBS and was struck by the beauty, simplicity, and wisdom of its message.”

“I work for the National AgrAbility Project, a project of Easter Seals, Inc., a leading non-profit provider of services for people living with disabilities. The project I am working on involves supporting farmers in their decision to continue farming despite living with a disability. The Right to Risk DVD would be a great resource to inspire and educate our affiliates and clients.”
Washington, DC

“AtWork! provides services for people with disabilities to find the work they love and to be contributing members of their communities. While it is not quite like river rafting, we encourage people to take a risk and pursue a dream in the world of employment. The Right to Risk documentary embodies all of what we see being the key to success – believing. The Right to Risk documentary shows integrity and honest belief, the gift in community, power of gratitude, natural inspiration, genuine commitment, and incredible enjoyment. I have found that a dream of mine is to witness people doing things they never thought possible. To witness people with disabilities on the raft and hiking will be life long inspiration for me. As we continue to explore possibilities for people, the Right to Risk documentary will assist us in communicating our mission.”
Recreation, Rehabilitation & Therapy

“…as a Recreational Therapist, this documentary is very exciting to me and potentially my whole profession, as we use recreation as a tool to help people with disabilities improve the quality of their lives… As I do my "job" everyday, my clients teach me that they don't have "disabilities" but in fact have amazing "abilities" as it takes them much more effort just to do simple things and they have the courage, guts and stamina to still get out of bed everyday.”

“I am a horseback riding instructor at a program for children and adults with disabilities… the film reminded me about what it can be like from the individual risk taker's perspective and that maybe I try to help more that I need to without asking sometimes… Families/caregivers of people with disabilities to be reminded of the importance of dignity and that most individuals with disabilities probably have a higher degree of capability than for which they have previously been given credit… People with disabilities need to be reminded that while they are not alone they are all unique and that it's ok to challenge themselves, and that acceptance (of themselves and from others) is a process and is possible and that life can and should be great!”

“I saw it last night on public TV, and found it truly inspiring. I am a physical therapist and work in the wheelchair industry, with medical providers, wheelchair providers, and end users (differentlyabled)--- I can see many applications for your inspiring film.”

“As a rehab doc, a former medical director of a rehab hospital, a river rafter, and a veteran of the Grand Canyon, I found the movie both inspiring and fascinating. I would very much like to obtain a opy to show at our rehabilitation hospital, as well as to share with river friends, both able-bodied and otherwise.

New Mobility Magazine
Bob Vogel review

Video Librarian
November/December 2007


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